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We (Heart) Our Teams

You can accomplish so much in just a few days when you bring your team to AFP 2022. Divide and conquer 100+ sessions, meet with all your partners or research new ideas, and head back to the office with strategies you can implement right away. Not to mention the powerful team building you can’t get through a screen or in the office.

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➡ Perks for teams

Recommended Educational Sessions for Teams

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Perks for Teams

Some of the exclusive team perks you’ll find in Philadelphia:

  • Dedicated meeting space to connect with your team and game plan your schedule or share ideas after session.
  • Curated activities you can participate in to boost your team-building like the AFP 2022 Kick-Off Party or AFP Aware community service project.
  • Education sessions to help you improve communication and teamwork.

Recommended Sessions for Teams

Visit the session explorer to see everything in one place.

Practitioner Approaches To Solving Complex Problems
Problems come in all shapes and sizes: big, small, isolated, repetitive, technical, relational, etc. There are many resources available for solving problems in finance, such as bankers, consultants, service providers, subject-matter experts, or even a network of peers. This session features a panel of industry practitioners discussing the tactics they deployed for successfully addressing and ultimately solving the complex issues they face daily. Attendees walk away with techniques for meaningful collaboration, while gaining a better understanding of the array of resources that may be available to them for solving complex problems.

Bryan Richardson, CTP, Founding Partner, LeanUp, LLC
Richard Lucero, Assistant Treasurer, Dolby Laboratories
Qaisar Majeed, Senior Director, Risk and Corporate Finance, Open Text Corp.
Ken Bugayong, Senior Treasury Manager, Bloom Energy

Future Skill Building: Harness The Power Of Coaching & Mentoring Skills To Motivate Your Staff
Heading into a post-pandemic economy, your staff likely has a new perspective regarding their careers. Harnessing the soft skills of existing leaders in a cost-effective way can holistically benefit your future workforce and, internal mentoring and coaching can enhance the employee experience and prevent burnout. In this session, award-winning leadership communication strategist and national soft skills expert, Shakira M. Brown, shares skills and tactics for leaders at all levels to enhance their ability to recognize how and when to coach and/or mentor in order to facilitate growth and opportunity, improve overall retention and reduce burnout.

Shakira M. Brown, Leadership Communication Strategist, SMB Strategic Media LLC

I'm A Mess, I Must Confess: Help For The "Work-From-Home-A-Holic
To be honest, we’ve worked hard these past two years and have developed a few BAD HABITS while working remotely. We’ve probably attended meetings in our pajamas or engaged in sleep-working to get critical projects completed. We may have fallen into the “just one more thing” trap—where five more minutes turns into an hour—or even prioritized work above health! If these habits go unchecked, they’ll affect us and how we treat others. This session pulls the cover off those habits that have crept in and enables you to take back your sanity and your life.

Sherry Thomas, Senior Accountant, City of Peoria
Cheryl Thomas, Senior Analyst-Indirect Tax, Caterpillar, Inc.

How Building Trust Enables Effective Business Partnering
As finance business partners, our goal is to become strategic partners, driving sustainable growth and profitability while managing risk. But to get there, our cross-functional business partners need to be willing to give us a seat at the table. This session discusses why an environment of trust is the foundation of all successful finance business partnering. Through the findings of Google’s wide-ranging project, “Aristotle,” as a foundation, gain concrete tools and knowledge for auditing and building successful business partnerships.

Paul Barnhurst, Founder, The FP&A Guy
Christian Wattig, Founder, FP&A Prep

Wellness Keynote: Brains At Their Best: Behaviors For Peak Performance And Proactive Mental Health
For many organizations, their greatest asset is the productivity, creativity, and innovation of their people. What can we do to promote brain health and optimal performance in our teams and in ourselves? In this eye-opening keynote, Dr. Lisa Bélanger draws on psychology, behavioral science, and neuroscience to empower attendees to take control of their behaviors and offers daily practices to think more clearly, make better decisions, be more productive, build resilience, and have more energy. Bélanger shares the most effective ways to manage short-term and long-term stress while providing practical exercises and strategies that require little time but offer significant gains in mental strength. Learn more

Dr. Lisa Bélanger

Corporate Practitioner Team Pricing

After two registrants pay the full rate, the third (and beyond) registrants can pay the team rate.

Team registration is restricted to Corporate Practitioners only.

First And Second Individual At Full Rate

Standard Deadline: September 16$1,649
On-Site: October 20$1,999

Additional Individual At The Team Rate

Standard Deadline: September 16$1,050

Register Your Corporate Practitioner Team

Who is eligible for team pricing? 

In order to qualify for team pricing, a team must:

  • Consist of three or more qualified* Corporate Practitioner attendees from the same employing company;
  • Register all of the team members at the same time using this Corporate Practitioner Team Pricing Application; and
  • Submit only one payment for the cost of the entire team.

* Team Pricing is Restricted to Corporate Practitioners: Corporate practitioners direct or execute finance, treasury or accounting functions in their organization. Examples of job functions include treasurer, controller, risk manager, cash manager, financial analyst, accountant, etc. (Sales, relationship management, consulting, product development and marketing job functions are not eligible for this offer.) All applications are subject to review and approval of eligibility.