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AFP Aware is centered on three guiding principles: COMMUNITY, ENVIRONMENT, and WORKPLACE. Our mission is to provide you with opportunities for both professional and personal growth while making meaningful connections with your peers. 


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AFP Aware has been giving back to local communities since 2008. This year we are excited to work with Philabundance, a local food bank in Philadelphia that seeks to drive hunger from their community today and end hunger for good. 



Build with a Purpose

Can you build an octopus, penguin or even a hamburger out of canned food? Yes, yes you can.

AFP Aware participants will break out into teams and build towering, unique structures developed by a local Philly artist using only canned food items. These masterpieces will be built throughout the convention center and on display for all AFP 2022 attendees.

At the end of AFP 2022, all canned food items will be donated to Philabundance to help fight hunger. This hands-on activity is a creative approach to team building and allows you to give back to the local community. 

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To participate in the live event, you must be a Corporate Practitioner (CP) and an attendee of AFP 2022. Pre-registration is required. Limited capacity.

Philabundance Impact Facts

Here is how Philabundance is supporting the local Philadelphia commmunity:

  • 324,000 pounds of food have been distributed to children’s programs 
  • Over 1.7 million pounds of food has been distributed to senior programs
  • Over 80,000 donors help feed 135,000 neighbors a week 
  • Over 55 million pounds of food was distributed in 2020 
  • Just one-dollar provides up to 2 meals to feed those in need  
  • 1 in 5 people in the Philadelphia area will go to bed hungry 


AFP 2022 attendees will receive a water bottle and are encouraged to fill it at the various water bottle filling stations throughout the building. By providing reusable water bottles, AFP hopes to help cut down the use of plastic bottles throughout conference.

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Life/Work Hack Sessions 

Elevate your professional profile with easy tips and tricks to strengthen your soft skills. With these 15 minute sessions, you’ll gain the confidence you need to tackle any challenge.

The Power of Storytelling in Presentations: 
Stories are the most effective way to organize information and communicate critical messages that help translate ideas and move people to action. This session shows attendees how to ensure their presentation stands out from the rest by utilizing storytelling techniques that enables your audience to effectively digest and retain the information being shared. 

Getting Paid What You're Worth: Salary Negotiation for Financial Leaders:
Knowing how to negotiate compensation for a new job can be worth thousands, even millions. This discussion provides an executive summary of best practices and mistakes to avoid in this critical process.

Stress Reducing Strategies/Tactics:
The effects of stress are evident in and outside the workplace and impacts an individual’s physical health, mental health, and their behavior resulting in a decline in productivity and work performance. This discussion shares 7 strategies to manage and reduce stress for better performance outcomes.  

Great Resumes vs. Terrible Ones: Some Quick Insights:
This session outlines what matters and what doesn't in an executive resume. Attendees learn key steps for creating a resume that stands out among the competition and how to utilize that content for both interview preparation and building a social media presence.

Coaching and Leadership Techniques:
As a leader your product is the quality of the team you lead. This program covers a simple and powerful process that you can implement immediately to help enhance the productivity and performance of those you lead and your team as a whole.

What's the Point of a Personal Brand? -- 5 Tips & 5 Rookie Mistakes:
As a high-performing Finance professional, the value of building a personal brand is often overlooked.  A well-crafted personal brand positions you for a potential promotion or new opportunities, internally and externally. Be prepared with some simple steps and know the top mistakes to avoid in the process.  You don't have to have a podcast or asocial "persona", but you do need to differentiate what you bring to the table as a leader and potential for your next role.

Sustaining Productivity in a Virtual World:
While working virtually has become a way of life for many organizations today, managing teams and collaborating on projects in this environment comes with a unique set of challenges and considerations. This discussion shares techniques for building trust, establishing team goals, effectively utilizing collaboration and communication tools to ensure your virtual team feels supported and stays productive.

Wellness Keynote 

What can we do to promote brain health and optimal performance in our teams and in ourselves? In this thought-provoking keynote, Dr. Lisa Bélanger draws on psychology, behavioral science, and neuroscience to empower attendees to take control of their behaviors, and offers daily practices to think more clearly, make better decisions, be more productive, build resilience, and have more energy. Click here to learn more about the Wellness Keynote.